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The independent Art Section of Le Manoir


Le Manoir Art is an institution that promotes art and cultural projects. Behind it stands the renowned dermatologist and founder of Le Manoir Crememanufaktur Dr. med. Peter Kessler and art historian Katharina Arimont.

It is the creative ambience that fascinates him: the medium film as a form of art that can function as an indispensable force of social commitment. So he instructs curator Katharina Arimont, who studied among others things at École du Louvre to construction the art section Le Manoir Art.

What do we do at Le Manoir Art?

Le Manoir Art supports promising artists in the realization of their works and collaborates with well-known museums and cultural institutions. Within Le Manoir Art, there are two types of projects: projects with a concrete theme and free projects.

Thematic projects

True to the philosophy of Le Manoir, true Luxury focuses on the essential and beauty is closely linked to character and some sort of self-awareness.

This credo and its in-depth significance is constantly challenged by the company in its thematic Le Manoir Art projects. For each project, a topic is given that is close to the philosophy mentioned above. For example, artists are encouraged to define within a work what "luxury" means to them, because in the beauty industry and our consumer society in particular, this topic is only superficially considered.

More than ever, the world is all about luxury and beauty, and our shopping options seem almost endless: We can travel all the continents, fly with a private helicopter into the most remote reserve, get yet another pair of black pumps and surround ourselves with the most expensive luxury items. But what does luxury really mean? And what kind of luxury are we looking for?

When are we truely beautiful and how individual are we really?

For the artist Kristiane Kegelmann, who created the first thematic work on the subject "true luxury focuses on the essentials", it is to recognize one's own identity and to carry it outwards.

Free projects

Within our free Le Manoir Art projects selected artists receive support in the creation of a work. The objects of the projects are unknown to Le Manoir Art. The goal? - we want to promote discussions of various socially relevant topics, to be kissed by the muse, thinking new thoughts, get surprised and get inspired . 

The first free project took place with the native Swiss artist Cyril Schäublin.

Why do we need art?

Art can change the world. Artists often have a different approach to things and a different view of the world. Thus, art can enable one to take a different standpoint, to see something from another perspective and critically question it.

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Foto: Cyril Schäublin, "Le visage tue tu mérites", Kurzfilm, 2018, 4 Min, 1,77:1, 2018, Sammlung Le Manoir Art, Filmstill
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